Welcome to Sewing Social Worlds  where the administration of justice is personal, unlike in the brick and mortar world. Justice is a feeling of relief from some sort of an issue and will continue to be an on going pain until the individual finds justice in his own way. This may be by talking on a personal level, in a group, or sometimes just reading about someone else’s experiences..

Sewing Social Worlds was created in 2007 for a multitude of reasons. To focus on just one would lessen the meaning behind the goals  and that would be a form of INJUSTICE. You will read and possibly participate  in extreme controversial issues; however, controversy is the foundation of dialogue and debate leading to revolution. Let us make room for deliberation and social issues increasing the opportunity for revolution, creation and evolution!

On the right side-bar you will notice videos from different cultures. I have them there so we can remember that we are different culturally. This is not about segregation as much as it is about the knowledge that can be learned from different cultures. In other words, many of us look for truth and as we must realize that we cannot find a lot of that in North America, we have to look to other cultures in order to learn truth. In other cultures, they teach you to meditate at a young age and to know who you are. Here in America and Europe, and in fact all of Western civilization, we are taught the complete opposite. We are taught to forget who we are and the purpose of doing this is so that we can be run by the elite. Yes, we are puppets and slaves. Money is a tool for control. It is valued because we were told to value it. I write eBooks and if you read them, you will learn how you have been brainwashed and then you will be more eager to find the real you. You can find those books by clicking on the link provided. Learn how Genesis tells us about our grounded Earth with a dome. Learn what I Am means and learn about universal laws here: http://creatorsofourlives.com/the-beginning-booksthe-genesis-of-the-series/

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