Election Year 2016

This is certainly an unusual election year. We have a woman running for president and a man who is not a politician. As I grew up with a goal of becoming the first woman president, I am proud that a woman is running for president. Although; I would probably decline at this time due to the current state of nations. As a woman; I have to wonder, can a woman handle our current affairs with all of this war and talk of satan worship and Jesus not allowed to be spoken in public. At this time, satanists want their literature to be distributed because this is fair if a pastor from Colorado can post Jesus is lord on public benches.

Please, do not get me wrong. I believe in Jesus but I believe that satanists believe in satan. I am a God follower, not a Jesus follower. I talk with God himself and do not believe I have to speak through Jesus first. This is not to say I do not believe that Jesus existed, so for those of you devout Christians reading this, please do not follow the devout Christian group on YouTube and call me a new-ager or satan worshiper just because I put God before Jesus. This is a big part of the problem. We all have our ways of worship and it is absolutely no one else’s business. Let us take free speech out of the picture for a moment and discuss the separation of church and state.

I personally do not care which man-made religion you choose to believe and worship. This is your business; until, well until you cross the line. Do not preach Christianity or Islam or satanism to me. This is your type of worship, not mine. This can be compared to those who say, “I don’t care if you are gay, just don’t preach it to me and don’t touch me.” We all have a right to believe what we want; however, when it is imposed on others, it is wrong. I don’t want to see billboards advertising satan as much as I do not want to see Jesus is lord on a public bench. It is not fair to me. I am not posting that God is the only way and not through Jesus or any other man, am I? I am not paying for an add that states that religion is all man-made and should be banned, am I? You don’t even have to respect another’s type of worship, just be quite about it.

In the video below and other videos you will hear a man complaining about billboards in Colorado advertising satanism. I understand his frustration because I personally think it is disturbing; however, people like the speaker in the video are a big part of the reason that this is happening now. If you preach Jesus everywhere you go or whenever you have time, you may not realize it; but, you are many times imposing on others. Satanism has been muffled and for good reason but apparently they have their own reasons for worshiping satan, whether or not we agree. You cannot impose Jesus on people who do not want to hear it for 2,000 years just as those who worship satan should not impose. Keep it in your mind, hearts, homes, cars and church. A public display of anyone’s religion is an imposition and that is the bottom line. Does it make you wonder how Hillary or Trump will deal with this?

Let us get back to the presidential nominees. With regard to the issue with Jesus and satan, I am guessing if you are a candidate who is not a part of a secret society that worships satan, we will be safer. Those people or shall I say elite who are part of secret societies are said to be worshipers of darkness. Putting someone in office who is a part of that regime is asking for the new world order (NWO) to come about, which it is; however, we do not need to help it along. The NWO offers only ONE…one world government, religion and criminal justice. Do you want to worship what the secret societies worship?

As I was saying at the beginning of the article, this election is certainly an unusual one and if you are paying attention, I mean truly paying attention and doing research, you will notice that this election is very telling. As I stated, I was proud that a woman was running for president; however, once Trump became a nominee, I chose to listen to his speeches and learned that he is a thought to mouth type of guy. He speaks straight from his thoughts. In other words, he does not have a filter. I appreciate this about him because politicians typically have hidden agendas. I have always thought it was more respectful to know where we stand and to hear honesty rather than be lied to.

As I am a straight from the hip type of person, I appreciate straight from the hip types of people and Trump is definitely straight from the hip. Then there is the side of me that wanted Hillary to become president for years, but I think that was mostly because she is a woman, not because of her skills. Hillary is not straight from the hip because she appears to have many hidden agendas and this leaves me guessing. I do not need guess work as usual from the political arena and then patchwork to cover things up.

As I am a straight from the hip type of person, I have never liked the news because it is censored by the media. I do not like BS in any fashion. Besides, growing up, all I ever heard were negative experiences from the news and that only brings fear. Fear enables the elite to control people and, no thanks! I prefer YouTube and other channels for news. Yes, there are times when I have to decipher whether or not something is true which is the case with Hillary and Trump, but I have to do that with traditional news stations so I would rather decipher real uncensored people speaking their minds on YouTube. Originally, I posted videos below; however, it seems that many of us on facebook are in a debate about the 2016 presidential election and the absolute rotten lemons we have as candidates, therefore I will discuss this further before the videos.

I did not vote for Obama for either of his terms. I did not believe he was going to be a good president. In fact, the only thing good that came from it at this point (8 years later) is that black people were able to be proud that our president is half black. Good for them! With that said, as strongly as I was opposed to having Obama in the white house, I would rather see him than our current candidates and that says a lot. Anyone that knows me will tell you that. As I stated, I wanted to vote for Hillary in the past, but this time I wanted to vote for Trump. Now, I am not sure that I want to vote for either. I would like different candidates please! WE THE PEOPLE should have the right to demand more candidates because many of us do not like the lemons we have to choose from now.

The debate I am referring to on facebook is between the two candidates and I am upset that people feel they MUST vote for the candidate with the most acceptable demons. Give me a break. That is not the answer. If we cannot demand new candidates, we do not have to vote. Why are we debating that we need to vote for the candidate who is the lesser of two evils? That is simply redundant! So, I just typed the lesser of 2 evils into my browser; and don’t you know, Hillary and Trump stole the page! In one statement, CNN (6/22/2016) maintains that Clinton “Supported a controversial 1994 crime bill that disproportionately affected minorities and then referred to young black men involved in criminal activity as “super predators.” Apparently Clinton apologized for using that term. So, she apologized and this is acceptable? She apologized because it is PC to do so. We know her TRUE feelings. She changes her mind and her lies more often than we change our underwear. Further, being part of the elite and secret society means that she has to apologize since she has to aid in implementing the new world order (NWO).

People are complaining about Trump because he does not want illegals in OUR country. What is so wrong with that. If you want to save a country and maintain its greatness (which it is not any more), you start from square one. That is to remove all illegals from a nation as they utilize our resources. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a business man such as Trump to see this. If our economy is in trouble, we must remove all of the reasons why our economy is suffering. You must agree with that, right? I hope you also agree that watching a history of our candidates gives us more perspective than just listening to their lies as candidates. Politicians typically lie as it is but knowing their history helps us govern our decisions as to which candidate we vote for. Let us look at history, shall we?

Here is Trump in the past. It seems he was less annoyed about the nation at the time. Clearly, Trump is a calmer man than we make him out to be. You will notice, as he ages,he becomes more frustrated or aggravated as a citizen of our country. Also, we will see a younger Hillary.

Not too bad. Here we have Hillary defending her alleged cheating husband as many women will. Then; of course, many women will not. I thought they were trying to hide the fact that Bill Clinton cheated; however, there was an apology at the end. Did Hillary know the truth and lie about her husband’s cheating? I sure hope not.

This man warns that we will lose our country if Hillary becomes president and the same as in the 2nd video.

People have been making statements about Hillary being unfit for presidency. Let us see if these are rumors.

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